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Trust and Future

The Foundation understands that meeting the charitable needs of our community, while maintaining the growth of our spending needs , requires investing our assets in the most prudent manner possible. Our investment objective is to employ a total rate of return strategy which will preserve the real purchasing power of our assets. The Supervisory Board plays an active role in setting investment policies and works with our investment professionals to achieve this objective.

 ...Together, we will increase our focus on development results.
Rybakova Elena

We think the decision to do charity can come solely from the heart. Therefore, you only need to feel one thing - a great desire to help people. A great desire not to let someone be left alone with trouble. If in your soul, in your heart you want to help, if you cannot pass by someone else's misfortune, then charity is your path and your vocation.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Building a society for all ages declared as the main task of Governments in member countries United Nations European Economic Committee. Integration and participation of older persons in society is an essential element to achieve this goal. This software help covers key strategies that can be taken into account to increase the participation of older people in political and economic life and to increase the availability of public transport, appropriate housing and cultural activities.

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