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Наш друг из Пакистана Imran Ejaz отвечает на вопросы ))))

What is going on in the relationship between Ukraine and Pakistan? What brings our countries together and closer to Europe? Who and why is looking for more cooperation and how can it be improved? On this and more the Newssky has talked to Mr. Imran Ejaz, the founder of Ukrainian House.

How did the idea to create Ukrainian House in Pakistan come around? I’m Pakistani with permanent residency of Ukraine. I’ve been observing the relationship between our countries very closely since 2012. Diplomats of both countries are working hard, but, sadly, no government officials high-level visit has taken place during this time.I would like to serve as a bridge between our countries to strengthen our mutual communication. This would help government officials develop good relationship among our peoples.

Who are the stakeholders?

Currently I work on my own by involving representatives of Ukraine and Pakistan. But I guess this situation should change as we bring more people in.

What are the interests common to both Pakistan and Ukraine?

Military-to-military relationship and arms trade are at a good level. But the purpose of this project is to get benefits/expertise of both countries to enhance trading status between us, to develop links in education, tourism, sports and culture. Currently many Ukrainian tourists are visiting Pakistan and many Pakistani students attend Ukrainian universities. Sunflower is one of the main Ukrainian agricultural products. We are looking for market of sunflower oil in Pakistan, and such for other Ukrainian healthy food product lines.

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